Verbal Chess

Play chess on or against a computer engine using only your voice

Verbal Chess is the only chess app in the world that can be controlled entirely by voice.

Hands Free Menu Navigation

Is it difficult for you to manipulate the screen? Or are your hands occupied? "Verbal Chess" extends voice control beyond game play to the entire program.

Hands Free Play

The robust speech recognition software is amazingly good at correctly identifying move commands even by non-native English speakers.

Play your friends or others around the world

Play real people on You can challenge your friends, create a random challenge or join an arena tournament.

Play Two Different Chess Engines

The Stockfish and Komodo engines are available for you to play against too.

Play Blindfold Chess

This was the initial reason I wrote Verbal Chess. I wanted to lean back in my recliner, close my eyes and play a game of blindfold chess without ever having to lose concentration by reading a move off a screen or having to type in a move.

One Video is worth a million words

Got a few minutes? The video shows how easy it to use Verbal Chess. You can even watch me play an entire game online and win!

I love playing chess very much. But due to my paralyzed hands it has been a great difficulty. I have recently started using your program verbal chess, and it's been a life-changing experience.

So fun that someone finally did this sort of thing! Great app!

It's awesome. Much better than Alexa

The Chess app for your real physical wooden board! No more screen!

It's a great game to play saying that it is indeed controlled by your voice


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